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Movie ID: 1273
Description: 15 minutes of a morbidly obese woman seen close-up while pooping on a toilet in multiple scenes. If you are curious about this sort of thing, the audio is clear, and there are a lot of plopping, wet, splattering sounds!
Cost: 11
User CommentRating
carlj28 mooooSo So
mike Great sounds if you close your eyes, but the last place on earth I would want to be is underneath that massive ass!OK
chase77 Awesome!!! So sexy! She shits sooooo much!!!The Greatest
fatpoopoo I absolutely love her..Does anyone know her? If she is looking for a mate sure would love to be hers. Her poops must be gorgeous and very erotic.She has a nice full shape and nice hair.Please get in touch with me. My ID is : fatpoopoo The Greatest
djnerox These videos are great but I believe they could be 10 times better if we could see the product after. As wild as the audio is when the shitting is going on, I think a lot of us want to see what was actually produced. This may be just a personal thing b/cPretty Good
hinderwoman she really rocks that toiletPretty Good
runnyiscool nicePretty Good
hubcity06 The Greatest
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