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Movie ID: 18207
Description: A pretty woman sits on a toilet while taking a shit. Farts & pissing is heard. The poops are long, so there are no audible plops. She describes the texture and size. She uses the bidet to give herself an enema. 720P HD, 182MB, MP4 file. About 10 minutes.
Cost: 8
User CommentRating
Bwooper Plap Stella is by far one of the sexiest ladies around, I so wish I could hear her turds plop loudly into the toiletThe Greatest
Jrvagabond3 The Greatest
highroller2 Good side view, but waaaaay too much talkey. Only worthwhile poop action was in the last 3 minutes after series of enemas.OK
fastdolphin Is this what is meant by "give me liberty?" It is worth the wait.The Greatest
buddah Sucks
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