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Movie ID: 5901
Description: A woman is recorded taking a shit in an RV toilet on a Labor Day weekend outing. Poop action is observed between the legs, and finished product is shown in the toilet before flushing. Nice video. Over 5 minutes.
Cost: 11
User CommentRating
sourmold The Greatest
OnesionRa Was this an independently submitted video or does she have store? Pretty Good
skflnnet A rare example of a true stuck poop, even if not long.The Greatest
dietpepsi Pretty Good
mike417 The Greatest
efropost This was pretty good as the women was taking a shit naturally on the toilet and she was talking as if you were there when she was having difficulty passing it. She was actually doing it in front of guy who was filming it as he was talking near the end whPretty Good
pwatcher2 She used to have a store but it got taken down. :(Pretty Good
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