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Movie ID: 9584
Description: A pretty, younger-looking girl records herself from behind her own ass as she shits into a toilet in 3 different scenes. They are all hard, wide, chunky poops. Presented in 720P vertical HD format. 103MB. Over 3 minutes.
Cost: 9
User CommentRating
Bwooper Plap This is exactly how I like a Womans poop to lookPretty Good
K-Max What a cute chick! Nice dry, solid poo nuggets of enormous girth. Some girls always do fantastic poos, this chick is oneThe Greatest
youmehere The Greatest
luvzcurvz Yes, her poo is perfect. Nice hard nuggets that just keep spilling out!The Greatest
zinz69 This is not Rockchick but still one of the best in the bizz. She always lays big ones. Gotta love the way they make her ass prolapse :)The Greatest
Jerone007 Lovely! As zinz69 stated this is not Rockchick but she has a few more videos on this site and they are all amazing.The Greatest
InMyFace _____a very nice ass and asshole with perfect pooThe Greatest
zorro1955 this is foxy j, not rockchick, just so you know the truth. still a great clip thoughThe Greatest
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