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Movie ID: 2932
Description: Kylie is video-recorded taking a shit in 6 different scenes from a classic, side-view perspective. Although we cannot see the poop coming out, we are treated to some nice pooping sounds and glimpses of her shit in the toilet! About 9 minutes long.
Cost: 15
User CommentRating
gbhaase BRAVO KYLIE!!! This is what us poop lovers crave!! Keep them comming!!!The Greatest
strassenbahn Very pretty girl, very natural pooping on the might just have like somewhat longer pooping sessionsPretty Good
purofetiche The Greatest
Mike WTF is wrong with mrunusualfetish? Sure it is not a perfect video, but to say that it "Sucks" is ridiculous and an insult to people here who actually create their own content.Pretty Good
dricky lots more of this adorable gal pleaseThe Greatest
genenorton pretty good....would be The Greatest if we could hear morePretty Good
usfriendly The Greatest
tech77 The Greatest
willsavoy Pretty Good
robbyjoe an excelent vid, kylie. I would love to see some more vids of you reading on the pot, especially a newspaperThe Greatest
bowloffun Kylie, has one very hot tight ass which would be a pleasure to wipe. And she just sits there naturally pooping. Keep making more KylieThe Greatest
highroller s-bahn +1. Why the incomplete last scene. Kylie being Kylie makes it 4 stars.Pretty Good
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