Q – What do I need to include on my video clips so people will want to watch them?

A- The bottom line is that our customers want to see women sitting on the toilet while either defecating or urinating. The best thing to do is set up a camcorder in the corner of the bathroom and make sure it is focused in on the area of the toilet where the subject will be sitting. Try to include the entire body in the frame of the video, from the face down to the feet. This will give the viewer a better perspective. Although showing a face isn’t necessary, your video clip will earn far more tokens if it does. The woman can be fully clothed. No nudity is required. Our customers don’t really care. Have the model complete her entire toilet routine as she would normally do. Be sure she wipes for the camera. Try to include audio with your video clip. To add extra impact to your video, you may wish to focus the camcorder on the contents of the toilet bowl when she is finished. This will prove to the viewer that the scene was not fake. Customers are very curious to see “how big it is” or “how much” women actually produce. If you are open-minded and wish to bring in maximum revenue with your video, try having the woman sit on the toilet using different positions to add variety to each clip. She can even try squatting above the toilet bowl or use the great outdoors in a few scenes. Customers are curious to see how “everything comes out” – however strange this might seem!