Q - How do I get paid for my videos?

A - Submit your own video clips to us via email, along with your TNGP username (if 20MB or under) or use our FTP system (email us at TNGP@NoLimitsClips.com for more information) and we will pay you 50% of the amount generated per download, which can fluctuate depending on the popularity and the frequency of the download. Payments are made in the form of credits called "tokens". The tokens you receive allow you to download any other videos from TheNewGirlsPooping.Com for free. When you create an account on our website and upload a video, the system on our server keeps track of how many times your video is downloaded by our customers. All new, original content videos bring in 10 tokens. You receive half of that token revenue. The more popular your video becomes, the higher it is shown at the top of our video selection list. The more downloads it receives, the more its price increases. As downloads decrease, the price also decreases, allowing the supply & demand formula to self-correct. Each time you log into your account, you can see your current token balance.