Q - Some movies that I downloaded will not play, or my computer does not recognize this file type. What do I do?

A - Your computer most likely needs additional software in order to read certain types of files, or perhaps the video download was interrupted or incomplete. Here are some potential solutions to your problem:

1) Download the movie again. You won't be charged. If the problem persists, continue below:

2) Download QuickTime for MP4 and MOV movie files.

3) Download VLC for MP4 and MOV movie files.

4) Download K-Lite Codec Pack for older PC playback compatibility.

5) Download MOV Converter to play MOV movie files on a PC.

6) Download Flip4Mac to play WMV movie files on a Mac.

Q - I tried all of the solutions you recommended, and I still can't get some videos to play on my computer. What do I do now?

A - Sometimes older computers cannot play newer file formats no matter what movie player software you try downloading. Make sure you have tried a movie file CONVERTER program as well (mentioned above). When movie player software doesn't solve your problem, movie file CONVERTER programs usually will.

If you are using the Firefox browser, there is a known issue that may cause files to download as an unknown format. Simply insert the file extension such as ".mp4" at the end of the filename, and presto! You can play the movie!

If you feel that you have found a movie that is indeed defective, please contact us by clicking here and try to provide the following information so we can better assist you:

1) Which movie (title and/or number) are you having trouble with?

2) Was it a playback issue, or an inability to download the file?

3) Did you receive any error message? If so, what did it say?

4) If you have tried all of the solutions recommended on this page, what kind of computer, operating system, and browser are you using? How old is the computer?

5) Remember to always include your TNGP user name in your emails to us so we can reference and credit your account if necessary.

When any problem is reported, we strive to correct it completely by using the information you provide, rather than blindly issuing a credit without fixing the underlying issue. This way, all of our customers will benefit, and everyone can enjoy a problem-free experience.