Q – What should I NOT include in my video clips?

A – This is not a sexual or pornographic web site, therefore no sexual content is permitted in any video clip. This includes fondling, masturbation, oral teasing, and “scat play”. It is perfectly acceptable for a woman to dress in a sexy outfit while you film a scene. If you film nudity, make certain that the nude model doesn’t do anything that could be interpreted as sexual. Video clips that show the anus and genital area in a non-sexual manner (even during the act of defecation or urination) is acceptable and encouraged. If she or someone else speaks during the scene, that’s fine. Just don’t have anyone speak in a sexual way. Clips that show sexual activity or sexual speech will be edited by our moderators or refused.

Any video clips showing nudity must feature adults 18 years of age or older. Any questionable clips submitted will be delayed pending further review or rejected. Younger looking participants may be required to provide verification of their age before those video clips are posted at our web site. We discourage piracy and advise against the posting of video clips from other websites. Besides, most of our customers have seen them before. Clips that appear to have been lifted from other websites (or with prominent watermarks) may be rejected or published at very low token prices. If you submit content that is not original, we will first have to verify that we don't already have it on our website. This can result in a delay of posting your video by weeks or even months.