Q – My model wishes to remain completely anonymous, and she doesn’t want to show her face in the video. How will this affect the sales of my clip? Is there any way I can make up for it?

A – Our customers tend to focus on certain features of the women in the videos. This includes facial expressions. The sight of a face makes the scene more special. It lends character to your video and will encourage customers to look for other clips you submit to our web site. You can show a face while concealing identity by use of sunglasses, alternate hairstyles, wigs and hats. You can also focus your camcorder to crop off the top of her face so the eyes and nose aren’t fully visible or recognizable.

If you choose not to show any part of the model’s face, you can attempt to make up for this by making the scene more interesting. Try alternate seating positions or having her squat above the toilet to reveal more “action”.

Our customers are very private people and keep to themselves. If someone ever recognizes the model in a public place, it is highly unlikely that she will be approached. None of our participants have ever been recognized or discovered, unless they tell all of their friends about it.

If the model has a pretty face, she should take advantage of it. You can also upload a promotional photo of the model to catch the attention of customers browsing through our video clip selection.