Q: Are there any specific rules for using this website? Can my account be suspended or terminated for certain activities?

A: We ask that everyone conduct themselves in a mature and respectful manner towards other users of this website and the moderators who operate it.

Your account may be be terminated for inappropriate comments left about other users’ videos. While constructive criticism is encouraged, please don’t leave hateful, abusive comments, or make patently false claims. If there is a technical problem with a video, report it to us. Don’t leave a comment regarding the technical problem, as it could be an issue with your own computer.

Inactive accounts without any Token purchase or video contribution history will be terminated. Repeated account signups without a purchase will result in permanent loss of website access.

Any comments providing links or urls to competitors' websites will be deleted and may result in loss of account privileges.

Your account may be terminated for attempting to defraud the website. If you submit Token orders using a false name or fake credit card information, your account will be permanently disabled, and your account information will be flagged - preventing you from using the website in future.

Your account may be terminated due to conflict of interest; specifically, if you are a model, owner, operator or representative of a competitor website. There are exceptions to this rule when special arrangements are made in advance.

If you deliberately and repeatedly upload videos that are inappropriate in nature or taken from this website (with a TNGP watermark), your account may be terminated.